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Compendium of Experimentally Determined miRNA Target Genes
We have collected a compendium of 50 experimentally determined miRNA taregt genes (22 independent studies, 41 unique miRNAs) from transcriptome profiles where the expression of a miRNA was perturbed and the resultnant differentially expressed genes were identified. The miRNAs perturbed include:
  • hsa-let-7a
  • hsa-let-7b
  • hsa-let-7c
  • hsa-miR-1
  • hsa-miR-hes-3
  • hsa-miR-7
  • hsa-miR-9
  • hsa-miR-15a
  • hsa-miR-15b
  • hsa-miR-16
  • hsa-miR-17
  • hsa-miR-17-5p/20a/93/106a/106b
  • hsa-miR-20
  • hsa-miR-21
  • hsa-miR-29c
  • hsa-miR-31
  • hsa-miR-34a
  • hsa-miR-103
  • hsa-miR-106b
  • hsa-miR-107
  • hsa-miR-122
  • hsa-miR-122a
  • hsa-miR-124
  • hsa-miR-125a
  • hsa-miR-128
  • hsa-miR-132
  • hsa-miR-133a
  • hsa-miR-141
  • hsa-miR-142-3p
  • hsa-miR-148b
  • hsa-miR-155
  • hsa-miR-181a
  • hsa-miR-184
  • hsa-miR-192
  • hsa-miR-195
  • hsa-miR-197
  • hsa-miR-200a
  • hsa-miR-200b
  • hsa-miR-210
  • hsa-miR-215
  • hsa-miR-346

We used this compendium to assess the performance of methods to infer miRNA mediated regulation . The compendium can be donwloaded as a comma separated file (CSV) file:

The CSV file contians 5,129 entries with three columns:
  1. miRNA - the perturbed miRNA name.
  2. PMID - the PubMed ID for the publication describing the exeriment.
  3. Entrez Gene ID - the NCBI Entrez Gene identifier for the gene experimentally demonstrated to be regulated by the miRNA.
This file is provided in the CSV format to facilitate the use of Microsoft Excel or a comparable spreadsheet application to sort and filter the entries.

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